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Welcome to the website of journalist Vernell Hackett. 

Please feel free to look at Vernell's Profile, browse through her various stories and links under Clips, or Contact her for more information or to inquire about hiring her to write articles, bios, liner notes, books or to coordinate press kits. 

Or you can just write her to make a comment. She loves to get mail!

Photos, left from top:
Interviewing Vincent D'Onofrio at Nashville Film Festival .. Vernell is hiding behind mic in left corner of photo.

Panel of book authors at 2011 Southern Festival of Books, from left: Nancy Cardwell (The Words and Music of Dolly Parton); Deborah Evans Price (The CMA Vault: A History of the CMA Awards); Randy Rudder (Chicken Soup for the Soul / Country Music edition) and Vernell Hackett (Carrie Underwood autobiography) 

Welcome to my Website!